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Who We Are

Maybe you’ve been eating noodle dishes at TK Noodle for as long as you can remember. Maybe you’re wondering where it all began?

Well … what started as a single restaurant by entrepreneur Tan Lu in 1983 has exploded into a successful chain ­ serving Northern California from Sacramento to San Jose. He credits his hard work and perseverance to push his chain to higher levels. The restaurant’s menu is also a big contributor to its success, with dishes that appeal to Asian and non-Asian diners alike! 


Has the growth allowed us to lose sight of our commitment to our customers? NO! Ask anybody who has ever experienced TK Noodle, and they can tell you that our low prices, quick service, and convenience are the reasons that they keep coming back ­ not to mention the secret flavoring in our soups! 

So find a location near you, grab a dish, and join the hundreds of thousands of happy TK Noodle customers! 

Tan Lu

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